A Mero Hajur 3 song – Cheat Day

The third song of upcoming Jharana Thapa’s movie ‘A Mero Hajur 3’ has been released. The song titled ‘Cheat Day’ features Jharana’s daughter Suhana Thapa. The song is filmed on the voice of Prabisha Adhiakri and music of Pratik Poudel. The choreographer is Rahun Shah.

The parents of Suhana, the actress had done a detailed preparation for her debut in the film industry. Suhana, it seems, has also done a lot of preparation before she decided to be an actress. The song shows it all. In addition, Anmol’s presence is bound to attract more viewers to the theatre.

The movie is going to release in theatre on Chaitra 29. The movie is about a die-hard fan of a celebrity singer. The celebrity is Anmol KC and the fan is the actress Suhana. The love story between the two is the story of the movie. The story is written by the mother, Jharana, and she has also directed the film.

In her first film, Suhana has shown a potential to becoming a successful actress. The facial expression and her acting doesn’t seem like a first time in screen. She has also performed well in dance steps. The actress is also seen bold in the song. In overall, Suhana has shown that she is a long-race-horse in the Nepali film industry.

In the song, Anmol is only seen in the start. Actress Jharana is also featured as the protagonist of the story. In the past the songs and trailer of the film has got positive response from the viewers.

The film is produced by Suhana’s father Sunil Kumar Thapa. Suman Poudel had assisted Jharana to write the story of the film. Sanjay Lama is the cinematographer, Himal KC is fight director.

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