Celebrity gossips in Ncell Literature Festival

On the last day of Ncell Literature Festival 2014 Nepali film personalities Priyanka Karki, Malvika Subba and director Nilu Doma Sherpa talked about celebrity gossips. They expressed their dissatisfaction about the media being too sneaky and unaware of their personal privacy.

Talking in the event, Malvika told that she gets scared by some of the media gossips. She told, celebrity and media should have been close buddies but when media publishes some personal information without our knowledge it might affect the personality of the person involved.

Actress Priyanka Karki felt bad when only female celebrities have been made victims. She told, “No celebrity would like to show off their secret body parts.” She said, if it were a male celebrity, they are usually informed about what is being written about them. She complained – when it comes to female celebrity they don’t care to inform them. Priyanka also told that some media have silently boycotted her when she wanted to befriend them.

Malvika gave an example – when she told that she likes the king in person, the media published that she was pro-king.

Nilu Doma is debuting as the director of Malvika Subba’s production ‘How Funny’. Priyanka is one of the actresses in the movie with Keki Adhikari and Nisha Adhikari.

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Photo credit – Angad Dhakal

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