Artists arrive in Malaysia for Ncell event

Two actress, three singers and a comedy actor have arrived in Malaysia for the ncell event to be held there on Feburary 19, 20 and 21. The actresses Priyanka Karki and Deepa Shree Niraula are accompanied by actor Deepak Raj Giri. Singers include Sunita Dulal, Khuman Adhikari and Shiva Pariyar.

sunita deepa deepak priyanka shiva and khuman adhikari ncell festival

Photo : Sunita Dulal, Deepa Shree Niraula, Deepak Raj Giri, Priyanka Karki, Shiva Pariya, Khuman Adhikari (left to right), photo taken at Tribhuvan Intl. Airport before they departed to Malaysia.

The event on February 19 is to be held at Penang from 1 PM to 5 PM, February 20 event is scheduled to be held at Johor Bahru from 1 PM to 5 PM, and the last event on February 21 is scheduled at the same time at Kuala Lampur.

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Celebrity gossips in Ncell Literature Festival

On the last day of Ncell Literature Festival 2014 Nepali film personalities Priyanka Karki, Malvika Subba and director Nilu Doma Sherpa talked about celebrity gossips. They expressed their dissatisfaction about the media being too sneaky and unaware of their personal privacy.

Talking in the event, Malvika told that she gets scared by some of the media gossips. She told, celebrity and media should have been close buddies but when media publishes some personal information without our knowledge it might affect the personality of the person involved.

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Charles Sobhraj was using mobile phones in jail – police suspect Nihita for supplying them

Charles Sobhraj was found using mobile phone, against the rule, of the jail he is kept in. The police had found a mobile phone, SIM card, and an iPod from his room during a surprise check. The police has identified Nihita Biswas as the main culprit in supplying those stuffs to him and is seeking to prosecute her on those charges.

The police went to search in Sobhraj’s room on a tip-off. When they reached there, Sobhraj managed to chew a Ncell SIM card while another SIM was found under his bed. With the SIM, there were two Samsung mobile sets, memory card, memory card reader, headphone, and a charger.

The police has also claimed to have found more important stuffs in Sobhraj’s cell. If convicted Nihita and Sobhraj will be jailed for 6 months and have to pay a fine of Rs 200 (less than $3.00!).

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3G goes Mt. Everest

Ncell’s 3G network in the Mt. Everest area has made the top of the world easily accessible by the mobile network. The mobile station is located at 5,200 meter above the sea level. The new service is expected to help the Tourism Year 2011 in the positive way.

It has only been a month since Ncell started 3G services in Nepal. The service was established in association with TeliaSonera Mobile Networks. TeliaSonera has also setup a 3G network in a mine in Sweden some 1,400 m below the sea level.

Mobile network Mero Mobile was renamed Ncell on 12th March 2010. Ncell is the only company offering 3G network and BlackBerry mobile sets in Nepal.

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Texting for Greeting – Dashain saw a surge in SMS in Nepal

Did you get a lot of SMS greetings this Dashain ?

I did, and it seems mobile texting (SMS) is getting popular medium of sending best wishes in the festive season. The greeting card printers and designers are getting the heat as people start opting for online greeting cards and SMS greeting as the more efficient and cost effective method of sending best wishes.

Nagarik quotes Surendra Thike of NTC telling that the telecom provider served 21 million SMS messages in the 10-day-long Dashain.

In general a SMS costs Rs. 1 per message. Adding 23 percent tax and service charge, the total cost becomes Rs. 1.23 per message. During the festival season, the service provider companies offer discounted rates.

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Blackberry Bold 9700 – Smartphone debut in Nepal

The Smartphone juice has started to flow in Nepal after the Blackberry debut by Ncell of Spice Nepal. Ncell is the rebrand of the service previously known as Mero Mobile.

The only phone set available with Ncell, Blackberry Bold 9700, costs Rs. 49,199 and will cost Rs. 1,000 every month. That is well above majority of the people in Nepal can afford. Those who can afford, might be skeptical in paying dearly to a year old model (released 2009, October) when latest models like Blackberry Torch are available elsewhere. There is an option for the user to bring their own Blackberry and use the service for the same monthly charge.

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