Celebrity mothers – Happy Mothers Day

On the mother’s day we have collected the photos of the mothers of our celebrities. We are a bit biased towards female actresses in the movie industry.

First Rekha Thapa – after the divorce, Rekha is living with her mother and she prefer to take her mom with her in public places.

rekha thapa with mom

Manisha Koirala‘s mom : She has been by Manisha’s bed side during the cancer treatment.

Manisha Koirala mom

Actor Vicky Malla‘s actress mother Mausami Malla:

Vicky Malla - Mausami Malla

In the following photo, Sushmita Bomjom (Sushmita KC) poses with her parents in Cherrapunji, India.

sushmita bomjom (kC) with parents

Mother of actress Priyanka Karki

priyanka karki mom

priyanka karki with mom

Photo of the mother of Binita Baral

Binita Baral mother

Photo of the mother of Gauri Malla 


gauri malla mom

Saranga Shrestha‘s mother

saranga shrestha mom

Happy mothers day to all mothers! (photo credits – respective son, daughters)

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