Gauri Malla met Manisha Koirala in hospital, shared experiences

On 12/12/12 Nepali actress Gauri Malla met actress Manisha Koirala in the hospital in New York where she is recovering from a surgery. That was the third day of the surgery and Manisha was still in the intensive care unit (ICU). Although others were not allowed to visit Manisha, Mridula Koirala helped Gauri to meet Manisha.  (Gauri’s article here)

In the short article Gauri wrote after the visit, she said that she felt sad on the news about Manisha made based on rumors. She says that Manisha looked healthy and beautiful in the hospital bed.

Although they both are actresses, it was the first time they had met and Gauri told that she had enjoyed every moments of the meeting. During the meeting they also found some similarities between the two. Apart from both being actresses, they both had cancer (Gauri had a surgery 11 years back), they both had problems in their marriage. Gauri Malla divorced and hasn’t found a suitable person for second marriage, like Manisha Koirala.

Photo credit – facebook profiles

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