Censor Board going in wrong direction, to censor movie trailers

We have seen a trend of inserting different scenes and dialogues from the actual movie itself. To make sure that the scenes and dialogues meet the Censor Board requirements, the Board is mulling over the new rules and regulations.

Although we believe, the trailers should be ranked and given a category so that the broadcasters could know if they fit in their targeted audience or not – censoring them is not a solution.


FDB chief Umakanat Parajuli has told that the trailers released before the censor clearance of the movies have created a challenge and credibility of the Board. He is planning to discuss the issue in the Board and tell trailer broadcasting Televisions about the new requirement.

We think the new requirement won’t have any impact because, there is always a work around:

  • Although the Board can control the Television stations operating within Nepal, it won’t have any control over global medias like the ones operating from India and other countries.
  • The board also won’t have any control over the Internet and video hosting sites. That makes the board a joker when trailers release in YouTube and it can do nothing about it.
  • The board might enforce the producers to censor all official trailers. But, there is possibility of the release of ‘unofficial trailers’ or ‘leaked scenes’.

This requirement of the Censor Board will only affect the producers who don’t have any bad intentions. They will only have an additional hurdle without any benefit. But, for those who want to abuse trailer, they will always find a way.

We think, the Censor Board is going in a totally wrong direction. All it should be allowed to do is rank the movies and stop teaching morals to people. 

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