Nepal government hands over identity cards (Celebrity Cards) to senior film artists

In an effort to provide so-called ‘celebrity cards’ to the Nepali film makers, Nepal government has completed the first phase of the distribution of the identity cards to some of the senior-most film makers. In an event organized in Singh Durbar on April 18, 2016 minister Sher Dhan Rai handed over film artist cards to 13 senior most film artists. Video report:

The artists who received the identity cards include: Nir Shah, Yadav Kharal, Laxminath Sharma, Uddav Poudel, Bhuwan Thapa Chand, Basundhara Bhusal, Subhadra Adhikari, Kiran Kharel, Manju Kumar Shrestha, Chetan Karki, Hariprasad Rimal, Shakuntala Sharma Guruung and Gehendra Dhimal.

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Archana Paneru authorized to be an actress by the government, Jism approved by FDB

I am pretty sure, the story of Archana Paneru, her debut movie ‘Jism’ and the role of Film Development Board (FDB) and FDB Chief Raj Kumar Rai is much more interesting than the film itself.

The story goes like:

A controversial director, Raju Giri, met a much more controversial girl Archana Paneru. Giri and his team prepared a story around Archana and borrowed the name of the movie Bollywood actress Sunny Leone debuted in Bollywood with. Sunny debuted in ‘Jism 2’ and Archana is all set to debut in ‘Jism’. The script and the details of the movie was submitted to the government agency FDB for approval.

The news was shocking to many film industry insiders. At the same time, the hype of Archan was too good to ignore. Archana was invited to a meeting by some producers and directors. Right after the meeting, Archana named the producers who had asked for anonymity. Some named the incident, “playing with dirt,” it was bound to get you dirty.

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Government selects Rajkumar Rai to head Film Development Board

Nepal government has selected the president of the Nepal Film Producer association to head Film Development Board (FDB),  the government regulatory body of Nepali movies. The government took a few months to decide on the new leader after the end of the tenure of  previous chief, Dharmendra Kumar Marbaita.

rajkumar rai FDB cheif

Raj Kumar was appointed by the cabinet meeting held on Friday, June 5. After the appointment Rai has thanked the government and told that he will work in the betterment of the entire film industry.  He added, “I am very excited to take the new responsibility.”

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Censor Board going in wrong direction, to censor movie trailers

We have seen a trend of inserting different scenes and dialogues from the actual movie itself. To make sure that the scenes and dialogues meet the Censor Board requirements, the Board is mulling over the new rules and regulations.

Although we believe, the trailers should be ranked and given a category so that the broadcasters could know if they fit in their targeted audience or not – censoring them is not a solution.

FDB chief Umakanat Parajuli has told that the trailers released before the censor clearance of the movies have created a challenge and credibility of the Board. He is planning to discuss the issue in the Board and tell trailer broadcasting Televisions about the new requirement.

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Nomination for National Film Awards

Correction – The award is organized by Nepal Film Development Company (NFDC), not by FDB as mentioned below. Sorry for the mistake.

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The nomination for the national Films Awards 2070 organized by the NFDC is announced. Following are the nomination for the awards in 15 different categories.

Hira Best movie nomination :

  • Ke Ma Timro Sathi Banna Sakchhu
  • Kina Lagchha Maya
  • Malatiko Bhatti
  • Rhythm
  • Saayad 

Best director nomination:

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Film Artists start an indefinite hunger strike

The rely-hunger strike of film artists has ended on the 12th day of it’s start. In the mean time, the government has ignored the protesting artists and has unilaterally appointed the chief of Film Development Board. Today, at 11:00 AM a press meet was organized to start a hunger strike toll death to create more pressure to the government.

The participating artists in the hunger strike include Bimal Poudel, Agraj KC, Surya Regmi, Neela Basnet, Mukesh Dhakal and Ananta Timilsina.

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Govt. ignored protesting film artists, Pappu appointed to head FDB

The government has selected Dharmendra Kumar Marbaita, popularly known as ‘Pappu’, to head the government body to look after Nepali movies, Film Development Board (FDB). Rekha Thapa was considered one of the contestant to the post before she headed for the USA on January 23.

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Film workers in strike – FDB to be locked down on Wednesday

9 different organizations of film workers have united to force the government to comply with their demand. It has been almost three weeks a 9-point agreement was signed between film workers and minister of communication Raj Kishor Yadav. But, the agreement hasn’t been implemented. The film workers are going to lock down the Film Development Board office to force the government to comply with the agreement.

In a press meet organized on January 8, 2013, the lock down on Wednesday was announced. In the program, Suresh Darpan Pokharel, Nir Shah, Manoj KC, Yogendra Shrestha, Dinesh Pakhrin, Mausami Malla, Nawal Khadka, Raj Kumar Rai and Bimal Poudel spoke on their demands.

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National 'Film Day', gone unnoticed

Last year, Ashoj 1st (it is Sept 17, 2012 this year) was announced to be celebrated as the ‘National Film Day’. The first Film Day was celebrated as a week-long program with various film related programs. The main program on the Day was also addressed by the prime minister and top actors of Nepali movie industry like and Rekha Thapa.

But this year, due to the lack of publicity and proper program, nobody knew much the National day. Last year, the Film Development Board president, Ganesh Bhandari initiated the program. At the time when
Ganesh Bhandari has already left the FDB and the post is left vacant, nobody wanted to take a lead in organizing the program. This is the typical example of person-centric programs of Nepal government.

It is also not known about the fate of the decision to form a committee to develop Pokhara as a Film City.

Did you know about today being the National Film Day? Please comment.

10 point policy and program of Film Development Board

Film Development Board of Nepal has unveiled a 10-point-document outlining its rules and regulation for the development of movie making in Nepal. The rules were distributed to the journalists in a press meet organized on Monday, March 12, 2012.

Note: Following is unofficial translation of Nepali text (attached below)

  1. About Film Development Board being autonomous– A law will soon be passed to ensure the Board to be more powerful and functional.
  2. About national film festival – National film festival to be held in Surkhet of Mid-Western region within the month of Chaitra.
  3. About international film festival – An international film festival will be held in June 1, 2012.
  4. About film censorship in the hall of the Board – Movies are being censored in the Board’s new movie theatre. The hall rental for Nepali movie is fixed at Rs. 1000 and for foreign movie, it is Rs. 3000.
  5. About delegation of responsibility to the Board – The Ministry of Information and Communication has authorized the Board to determine movie show times in film halls. No movie hall is allowed to have a morning shows before 11:00 AM except for Saturday.
  6. Networking for Box Office report and organized business practice – The Board will require every Nepali and foreign films to submit their income and progress report.
  7. Management of production, re-production, sale and distribution of copyright of film and film related materials – Following are the regulations;
    1. The companies producing CD, DVD, VCD, VHS should obtain the production license for each of those films from the Film Development Board.
    2. Each CD, DVD, VCD, VHS should contain the hologram provided by the Film Development Board.
    3. If such materials are produced by the ones authorized by the Board, such companies will be punished according to Copyright Act 2059.
    4. The retailers and rentals of movies should get a 5-year license to sell or rent movies. They should renew the license every 5 years.
  8. To make movie sector more reliable – The Board is planning to require movie makers to deposit some amount of money with the Board that will be released after the movie is censored.
  9. Classification of cinema halls – The board has expanded the classification of cinema halls in addition to Video and Colloid. The classification is pending approval of the ministry.
  10. On ethics of film producers, hall owner, distributors, and artists – The board will release the ethics of all involved in film making in future.

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Morning shows in theater banned – to stop college students from bunking classes?

Theaters in Nepal are banned to have morning shows, starting before 11 AM. The Film Development Board‎ of Nepal (FDB) has decided to act as moral police to stop the college kids from bunking classes to go to the movie theaters.

But, are the movie theaters the only reason college kids bunk classes?

How about the restaurants? Public parks? or what about the shopping malls where kids can be seen in their uniforms.

Why is it a bad idea ?

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