Chandani Sharma, the Stupid Girl actress, got married

Do you remember the ‘Stupid Girl’ debut actress, Chandani Sharma? Chandani was featured in the ‘Timro Aankhama Aanshu Heri …’ song of the movie (attached at the end of the post). A resident of Australia, Chandani, is also featured in a new movie ‘Lamfu’.

Chandani has found a model and businessman, Ajaya Pokharel (Ajju) to get married. Feature in a lot of music video and featured as a model in a lot of fashion shows, Zaau, is also a celebrity in his own way. Although in the similar field, the marriage between Chandani and Azzu is an arranged married, set by their families.

Azzu is running the food court in City Center. The marriage party was held at the food court. The party was attended by their friends in the fashion industry and the film industry.

Congratulation to Chandani Sharma and Ajju for the marriage and wish them a very happy and long-lasting married life.

About ‘Stupid Man’

Watch ‘Stupid Man’ here.

The movie ‘Stupid Man’ was released on October 25, 2014 and was liked by the viewers. The movie was considered one of the top 10 successful movies of the year 2071 BS.

The music director Arjun Pokharel was awarded the Best Music Director in NEFTA Films Award, 2015. The movie was produced by Suva Films and directed by Diwakar Bhattra. The movie features the choreography of Kabiraj Gahatraj, editing of Dirgha Khadka, fight direction by Astha Maharjan and screenplay by Samipya Raj Timilsina.

The movie featured Niraj Baral, Jiwan Luitel, Riju Shrestha with Chandani Sharma. Read the biography of Rijju Shrestha.

Song from the movie featuring Chandani Sharma (from Stupid Man):

About ‘Lamfu’

The movie ‘Lamfu’ was recently announced. Although it had been quite some time since the producers had been planning the movie, the cast and the crews have recently been announced. In addition to Chandani Sharma the movie also featured Mariska Pokharel and Salon Basnet.

Initially announced 3 years ago:
(video removed)

Now announced again:

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