Channel Nepal – Re-entry with a new management

The first Nepali TV to be broadcasted through satellite in the entertainment history, Channel Nepal, is going to come-back in your living room from Friday, September 24, 2010. The new management of the TV is full of young, energetic, and experienced VJs, anchor, and producers. The team of 12 lead by Sumitpratap J.B. Rana will focus on entertainment theme in the start. News, views and analysis will follow in coming days.


Channel Nepal was initiated by Space Time Network Pvt. Ltd. on 3rd july, 2001. The channel was temporarily banned 10 years ago on the wake of riots following Hrithik Roshan’s alleged statement. In December 2000 it was reported that Hrithik Roshan said he "hated Nepal and the Nepalese people". The issue was raised out of proportion, and four people died in the violence that followed.

It is to be noted that, the chief of Space Time Network and Channel Nepal, Jamim Shah, was killed by two masked men on motorbikes near the French embassy in the Lazimpat, Kathmandu in February 2010. It was told that, Shah was promoting anti-India sentiments in Nepal. The mystery behind the murder is still not solved.

Apart from the TV channel, and the cable television network (with virtual monopoly on foreign TV channels distribution), Jamim Shah used to publish two newspapers Space Time (Nepali) and Space Time Today (English). Let’s hope the re-entry of magazines too in coming days. (Team photo source – merocinema)

One thought on “Channel Nepal – Re-entry with a new management

  1. I want to tell you about something to upgrade the channels of Nepal tv.
    Actually tv channel is not only about politics and news only.
    You can add up some good programs.
    We don’t have any programs to support our Nepali Players.
    We Nepali people need a sports channel for Nepal. Please think about this.
    This can be a milestone in The channel of Nepal to upgrade Nepali Sports.
    And through this channel we can upgrade nepali sports and Include new sports in Nepal .
    Football and Cricket is already there in Nepal.Through this channel we can see live sport in television between different football and Cricket clubs.
    Also we can suppot other sports like swimming, basketball,hockey,Kungfu Karate,Taekwondo,
    Support also new sports like racing.Ice sking.
    Also many company will be ready to sponser. Please think about this. Its is win win policy.
    It will also be a new revolution in Nepali Channel.
    I hope you would delibrately think about this.I think those would be a nice scheme.

    We nepali people not just like to see movies and politics. There are many more things we could do and see..
    Marodona, pele. nadal, mirza ,etc all are hero due to media. We got to make Nepali players hero in our Nepal first then we should think about abroad.

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