Channel Nepal – Re-entry with a new management

The first Nepali TV to be broadcasted through satellite in the entertainment history, Channel Nepal, is going to come-back in your living room from Friday, September 24, 2010. The new management of the TV is full of young, energetic, and experienced VJs, anchor, and producers. The team of 12 lead by Sumitpratap J.B. Rana will focus on entertainment theme in the start. News, views and analysis will follow in coming days.


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Manisha Koirala to produce a movie, Dharma audio release

After 20 years and hundreds of movies in Bollywood, the Indian movie world, Manisha Koirala did her second Nepali movie under the direction of  Dipendra K. Khanal.

The movie named "Dharma" will mark as the reentry of Manisha in Nepali cinema. After her marriage with Samrat Dahal, she is seeking ways to settle down in Nepal. Her desire to produce a Nepali movie can be taken as the indication that she wants to move back home.

Talking in a program organized in the World Trade Center in Kathmandu for the release of audio of Dharma, Manisha told that she is planning to produce a Nepali movie. She also told that she has already started working on the script.

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