Chodi Gaya Paap Lagla – 2 years to reach Kathmandu from Hetauda

Nepali movie "Chodi Gaya Paap Lagla" was released today in Kathmandu.

Outside valley, the movie was released around Dashain of 2066 (almost 2 years ago), that was in Hetauda.

Why did it take the movie to travel from Hetauda to Kathmandu?

You might think, "May be the movie was so bad that people in Kathmandu wouldn’t like it." Not true! It had won 7 National awards.

chodi-gaya-paap-lagla (5)

The movie directed by Ujjawal Ghimire and featuring Raj Ballav Koirala , Richa Ghimire etc. was struck in the queue for two years to be released with another lucky movie Shahasi.

Some unanswered questions:

  • Why are they releasing in Kathmandu after two years ?
  • Are National Award winning movies serious and not fun to watch ? Don’t Kathmandu resident like National Award winning movies?

May be Chodi Gaya didn’t have the "approach" like the upcoming movie Pal that got the designation of being a ‘special movie’ without the proper procedure.

Some photos from the movie:

Disclaimer: I haven’t seen any of the three movies mentioned above but, I presume Chodi Gaya is a good movie based on the number of awards it won.

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