Binita Baral scandal and Krisha Chaulagain

Binita made news when film producer Krisha Chaulgai refused to honor the agreement made with Binita to do the leading role in the film named Ke ma timro saathi banna sakchhu. In response Binita has taken the issue to various media outlets. One online magazine published about Binita threatening to commit suicide if her  agreement was not honored.

It is no secret that unprofessionalism is rampant in Nepali movie industry. The strong rule and the new entries usually have to sacrifice a lot to penetrate the insider’s circle. Although cases like that of Binita are heard of occasionally, another problem – sexual exploitations of new-comer actresses is also told to be rampant the industry. The 23-year old Binita Baral has been modeling since 2004.

Krisha removed Binita to take in Namrata

In a surprising statement, Krisha proudly told that she did remove the newcomer from her movie. She also admitted that the agreement was made but the financer of the movie wanted Namrata Shrestha in the movie instead of Binita Baral. Krisha claims that the agreements can be broken if required and Binita’s case was not an unique case.

In response to these incidents, another actress and producer, Rich Ghimire told that Krisha is unprofessional and she had similar experiences while working with the producer.

Namrata refused Krisha’s proposal

Krisha should have got the jolt then Namrata Shrestha has refused to do the movie. Although Namrata preferred to play dumb on all the preceding events, nobody will buy her innocence.


It is not known who will enter the shoes of Binita. But, after this scandal, some useful lesson should be learnt by the Nepali movie industry people:

  • The agreement is indeed an agreement paper – to honored by both parties
  • The producers shouldn’t take new entries for granted. They are also human beings.
  • Everybody should act in professional manner.

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  1. Krisha g, alikati professional hunuparyo. jatibela man lagyo tyatibela break grna lai agreement garya haina ni.

    N Binta g, ladera dekhaunus, atmahtya ta kayar le grcha. K tapai kayar ho?

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