Dashain, Dhog, Communist, and Madhav Nepal

Disclaimer: I don’t favor or detest any political views. I just wanted to show that everything we do is NOT related to religion.

Prakash Dahal, posted the following press photo to prove the Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal is no communist. He claims, Marxist and communists don’t belong to any religion.

But, is ‘dhog‘ a religion?


Dhog, I think, is a culture to show respect to the elders. Some religious pundits branded it as a religious rite but it never was a religious thing from the start.

It is not only in Hindu culture that people bend to show respect. A Japanese or a Korean is never a Hindu but they always bend low to show their respect. Even the western civilization have the tradition to bend forward to show respect.

In the ancient time, when sword used to be the weapon of choice, people used to show their respect by bending low in front of somebody. In that position, the person-in-charge is respected such that he/she can cut the other’s throat if he/she desires.

Personally, I don’t like this tradition and I will never encourage my kids to follow these things. But, I can’t help but bow my head when I approach somebody I respect. I was taught it from the beginning and I don’t feel degraded or humiliated by a simple bow.

Bending as low as the feet (and feel uncomfortable) is a definite no no ! That doesn’t mean I detest the people who do so.

Anyways, I loved the discussion going on on the thread…


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