60 P0rn sites blocked in Nepal

nta The ISPs in Nepal have blocked 60 different sites in Nepal, as per the instruction of the government. The decision was taken in a meeting held at the Home Ministry. Present at the meeting were the representatives of Home Ministry, Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA), and representative of Nepal Internet Service Providers (NISP).

Nagariknews reports that the ISPs affiliated with NISP have already banned the sites identified as p0rn sites. Others will have to follow when NTA orders them to do so.

The government has been arguing that such sites help in increasing sex related crimes. Research however have shown opposite results. I don’t know where the authorities get the idea that p0rn increases sex related crime!


There are millions of such sites and I don’t know what the impact of banning 60 sites will have in the overall trend in Nepal.

I guess, the kids (those who don’t know what proxies are) are going to spend more time searching the sites that are not banned!

I had previously posted 5 reasons why the government plan won’t succeed. I still think they are valid reasons. It was in August, the government had announced the ‘ban’ but it took them more than two months to select these 60 sites. With that pace, I can safely assume it will take forever to ban millions other websites. I also think they never collected opinions of concerned authorities. Nobody in right mind would suggest banning is the solution.

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