Dashain of Milan Amatya this year will be different … why did she divorce?

The marriage of a well known Nepali singer, Milan Amatya, has ended in the court. The singer from India who married a Nepali businessman, Mention Amatya, has finally ended their 6-years-old marriage in the Kathmandu district court. There are conflicting reports on the reason behind Milan’s divorce.

Last year, Milan had shared a selfie (or is it welfie?) with her husband and Amatya family members after Dashain Tika. This year, a few days before Dashain, they are officially separated. Dashain 2017 will not see Mention in the same frame of Milan. A video report on why:

Who is Milan Amatya?

Singer Milan Amatya was born in Assam, India. In Assam, she was known as Milan Newar. Brought up in a family of music and art, she had started singing in a young age. Milan had been a singer for about a decade before she decided to come to Nepal. She had given voices to songs in Assamese, Hindi and Rajasthani languages. Milan’s younger sister was married and living Dharan. She came to Nepal to record some Nepali songs. At that time, her sister’s family had helped her to meet Mention for marriage.

Milan had a plan to make a career in music industry and had talked about it to her husband before marriage. Mention, businessman had also helped Milan Amatya in her music career. He had helped released her first album.

In her music career, husband Mention Amatya used to deal with all of her projects. He used to manage every musical program and recordings. He was a manager, media contact and everything for Milan Amatya in her initial days. But, he was inactive for some time in the past. Milan had taken over those tasks and she had started dealing with media and the project for the last one year. It is believed that their relationship had turned sour for at least a year. For the last six months, Milan had also left Mention’s home and had started living in her parental home. Although they were married for six years, they didn’t have any child.

Mention complains, “Every media and concerned party know how much I helped Milan in her musical career. But, now she has complained that I didn’t help in it.” He says, he doesn’t exactly know why Milan wanted divorce.

In the other hand, Milan says that she had been too busy to give time for the family. She told, “I didn’t want to sacrifice my musical career for family. That is why we ended the marriage in mutual understanding.”

What might be the reason of divorce?

According to media report, Milan is having affair with another singer – Deepak Limbu. Although both Deepak Limbu and Milan Amatya have denied such a rumour, I am not convinced much. I would certainly wait a while before I believe their statement.

In interviews, Milan has accused the mother in law. She has talked about the expectation of the mother of her husband. She supposedly wanted a daughter-in-law who have enough time to take care of her in her old age. Mention had also wanted her to be more involved in home making. But, the husband denies such an accusation.

Both the reasonings are not convincing enough because:

– If your husband is supporting enough, a mother-in-law can’t be a cause of the break up in a marriage. After all, it is their lives.
– An affair is a possibility. Whether it is with Deepak Limbu or somebody else.

What do you think is the possibility? Please comment. Happy Dashain 2017.

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