Nepali Movie – Zindagi Rocks

Nepali Movie – Zindagi Rocks
Starring – Sauram Raj Tuadhar, Aakesha Bista, Sonam Pakhrin etc.
Director – Nikesh Khadka

About Zindagi Rocks

A presentation of Vee Production, the movie by director Nikesh Khadka features Sauram Raj Tuadhar and Aakesha Bista in leading roles. Other artists include Sonam Pakhrin, Makan Raj, Richa Sharma, Prakriti Shrestha, Rajendra Khadgi, Biky Pulami, and Binod Mainali. The cinematographer of the movie is Hari Humagain, screenplay by Niroj Manandhar. The movie is edited by Nishan Ghimire, action directed by Rajendra Khadgi, background score by Mohit Munal. Produced by Birendra R Tuladhar, the movie features music of a number of composers including Sugam Pokharel, Kamal Khatri, Pushpan Pradhan, and Sanjeet Shrestha.

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Credit – Budha Subba Music.

Poster of the movie

The movie was released in January of 2015 with another movie titled ‘My Promise’. (Read the release news of Zindagi Rocks.) The movie was liked by the viewers and it was also nominated in a number awards. Some of the awards it was nominated include NEFTA 2015 and D Cine Award 2015. (Read NEFTA Nominations of 2015 and D Cine Award nominations and also NFDC Award nominations)

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