Deepak Raj Giri compares his movie Chhaka Panja with Bollywood film Dangal

After being released in internet, film ‘Chhaka Panja’ has received both positive and negative comments. The movie that made record earning in theatre and celebrated 100 days in theatre, was also criticized harshly in social media. In response to the criticism, the writer and the producer of the movie Deepak Raj Giri has accused the Nepali viewers of creating unnecessary criticism of the movie.

Deepak has told that Nepali viewers criticize everything. He also accused that the Nepali viewers have a negative viewpoint of Nepali movies. He asked, “Are you trying to finish the Nepali movie industry trying to raise above the foreign films?”

To illustrate his point, he gave an example of what Nepali viewers would comment if the superhit Bollywood movie ‘Dangal’ were to be produced by a Nepali film maker.

What does Deepak Raj Giri’s comment mean?

  • I think, Deepak’s status was a promotional strategy of the movie. Sending more viewers to the movie is beneficial and he is talking about a virtually non-existant controversy.
  • Although Deepak has written that it was not an act of “arrogance” on his part, it seems that is what it signifies. His arrogance however is justified as he has produced three super hit movies in a row. Other film makers aren’t as successful as Giri in the current time.
  • I happened to watch both ‘Chhaka Panja’ and ‘Dangal’ and I think, nothing in the Nepali movie is comparable to ‘Dangal’. Deepak wants to take advantage of the leverage ‘Dangal’ for the promotion of the movie.

I think, Deepak has been successful in what he wanted people to do – talk about his status.

Do you think Nepali viewers are always negative of Nepali movies? Do you think Nepali people don’t want Nepali movies to rise above foreign movies?

Please comment your thoughts on the issue.

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