Deepak Raj Giri compares his movie Chhaka Panja with Bollywood film Dangal

After being released in internet, film ‘Chhaka Panja’ has received both positive and negative comments. The movie that made record earning in theatre and celebrated 100 days in theatre, was also criticized harshly in social media. In response to the criticism, the writer and the producer of the movie Deepak Raj Giri has accused the Nepali viewers of creating unnecessary criticism of the movie.

Deepak has told that Nepali viewers criticize everything. He also accused that the Nepali viewers have a negative viewpoint of Nepali movies. He asked, “Are you trying to finish the Nepali movie industry trying to raise above the foreign films?”

To illustrate his point, he gave an example of what Nepali viewers would comment if the superhit Bollywood movie ‘Dangal’ were to be produced by a Nepali film maker.

What does Deepak Raj Giri’s comment mean?

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Hrithik Roshan impressed by Teriya dance, offered to dance with her in a movie

The Bollywood actor and dancer, Hrithik Roshan, was one of the guests of the finale of Jhalak Dikhalaja, Season 9. After watching the performance of Teriya Magar and her partner, Hrithik was so impressed that he offered to dance with them in a movie. He said,’I is a wrong thinking that girls can’t do as well as boys. Today Teriya, you have ruled.” He added, “I wanted to try this at one time. At that time, I want you to do it with me.” He also added, “And, we will do it in a movie.”

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Was Hrithik’s offer a credible offer?

Technically, it was not an offer. It was a plan Hrithik Roshan made right after watching Teriya’s performance. It was a impulse reaction without any backup plan. So, there is no plan of her role in any movies. I don’t know if Hrithik will remember his offer.
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