Did Gauri Malla return after failing to get the Green Card ?

In a latest rumor, Gauri Malla has returned from the USA after she failed to get the resident card – Green Card. Gauri landed in Kathmandu at around 3:30 PM on March 14 with actor Ramesh Upreti. She has no plans to return back to the USA and will be busy making her dream project titled ‘Gauri’.

Before leaving US, Gauri had told that she was returning back to meet her sick mother. The statement is true – her 87 years-old mother is sick but, her plan of not returning back is because of the fact that she couldn’t get the Green Card. Gauri’s mother is preparing for a by-pass surgery in near future.

Summary video of Gauri’s statement before returning to Nepal:

Although Gauri’s Green Card application was rejected, she wasn’t forced to come back to Nepal. She could have stayed there but, she choose to return back. In another rumor, Gauri is also planning to get married in Nepal.

In the past, actor Rajaram Poudel had returned back after his Green Card application was rejected. Other Nepali artists like Ranjana Sharma, singers Karna Das and Jagdish Samal are also waiting for the result of their Green Card applications.

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