Gauri Malla returning to Nepal from USA

Actress Gauri Malla‘s mother is very sick and she is fighting for her life in Nepal. The doctors have prescribed a surgery that has a fifty percent survival chance. Gauri’s mother had wanted to meet the daughter before the surgery so, Gauri is flying back to Nepal in a hurry.

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A short video recording of Gauri’s address:

It has been almost 4 years since Gauri has been living in New York. New York United Nepalese Artist Association organized a farewell program for Gauri, one of it’s founder members. In the program, Gauri told that her mother is very sick and asked everybody to pray for her.

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While in Nepal, Gauri will act in a movie. Gauri told that the producers of the movie had been waiting her for the last five years. Terming the movie her ‘dream project’, she is planning to start it after her family matter resolves.

Actor Ramesh Upreti is also returning back to Nepal with Gauri Malla, after a long absence from the country. They are expected to arrive in Kathmandu on Friday (March 14).

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