Did Rajesh Hamal learn from Bhuwan KC ?

In response to Rajesh Hamal‘s revelation that he has a girl friend and is planning to marry soon, the playboy of Nepali films, Bhuwan KC has told that Rajesh has learnt two things from him.


Bhuwan told, Rajesh has learnt to create scandals and get married from him. At the time Bhuwan KC is going to marry for the third time, Rajesh is planning to get married for the first time. The two old friends, Bhuwan and Rajesh don’t fail to make fun of each others whenever they get an opportunity. Last time when they met, Rajesh told that Bhuwan is old now and had never danced properly in his film career. Bhuwan opposed and said the same to Rajesh Hamal.


It doesn’t matter from whom Rajesh learnt the lesson and decided to get married. Let’s wish Rajesh will get married soon and Bhuwan won’t have to marry again after his third marriage.

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