Maata Tirtha – Aamako mukh herne din – Mothers Day

Maata Tirtha is one of the auspicious festival in Hindu mythology falling on the. The pilgrimage (Tirtha) of mother (Mata) is collectively called ‘Mata Tirtha Aunshi‘. The main feature of the Nepali Mother’s Day are:

  • respect for the mother
  • People worship their living mother at their home
  • People offer mothers and offering sweets, fruits, yogurts and other items to please their mothers.
  • Those whose mothers have passed – they go to the Mata Tirtha Pilgrimage, about 15 km towards the eastern side of Kathmandu valley, beside Mata Tirtha Village development committee.

In Matatirtha, people take quick shower in the water taps and make offerings in the holy pond with a belief that the souls of their mothers come to the pond to accept their offerings. The visitors also worship Shiva lingam located near the holy pond.


Those who can’t go to mata-thirtha visit Pashupati temple in Kathmandu or any other holy places nearby to honor their departed mothers.

The statue of a mother image is opened once in a year on the Mata-tirtha day.

aama-statue-mata-tirtha This locked mother-statue is opened only on Mata-tirtha day


People bathing in the Mata Tirtha pond (2009 photo, credits Rajendra Manandhar)

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