Did Rekha Thapa and Sudarshan Gautam break up?

It seems, actress Rekha Thapa‘s affair with her ‘Himmatwali’ introduction actor Sudarshan Gautam is over. It had been a long time since Rekha and Sudarshan had been using Facebook to express their feelings. For the last few weeks, they had been silent. When we checked the Facebook profile of Sudarshan, Rekha has stopped liking Sudarshan’s posts and commenting since February 18.

sudarshan gautam and rekha thapa feb 18 - last communication

Facebook screenshot: A February 18 post, the last post of Sudarshan with Rekha Thapa’s comments and likes in it.

In addition to the absence of comments and likes, Rekha Thapa is no longer in Sudarshan’s friend-list and vice versa. According to Sudarshan’s Facebook page, he is living in Vancouver, Canada. A person without hands, Sudarshan had been previously married. He is world renowned for climbing Mt. Everest and doing day-to-day things with his feet.

Sudarshan and Rekha came closer when she decided to introduce Sudarshan as the actor in her movie ‘Himmatwali’. During the production of the film, Sudarshan had been so involved that the director of that time Shyam Bhattarai had to leave the movie and let Rekha take the job of directing the movie. It has been a year since the affair between Rekha and Sudarshan became news. In June of 2014 Rekha had told that she had found the person to marry. Sudarshan had also told that he can’t deny marrying the actress.

The last post and likes of Sudarshan in Rekha Thapa’s profile was made on February 12. The last post of Rekha Thapa on Sudarshan Gautam‘s profile was made on February 18. The February 12 comment is positive but there is a difference in the tone of the comments on the later date. On February 18, they seem to have decided to part their ways (read the screenshot above). On February 19, Rekha wrote things about love and making people happy, in a defensive tone (attached below). Based on these dates, we can assume that something might have happened on and around the Valentine’s Day.

It seems, February 21 is the date they had finally decided to end it all. Both Rekha and Sudarsan posted a post each on their profiles. Rekha writes:

It seems, Rekha is well past the tragedy aspect of the relationship and is going on as usual. Sudarshan on the other hand is yet to get over with it. Some of Sudarshan’s later posts tell it all.

We have made some assumption based on the comments made on their profiles in Facebook. Sudarshan and Rekha are yet to announce anything about their relationships.

Being out of a relationship is tough and we have full sympathy if that is a case between Rekha and Sudarshan. We truly hope, our analysis is wrong and their relationship is going on great.

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