Sudarshan Gautam says he might marry Rekha Thapa

In an interview with DC Nepal, amputee Nepali actor Sudarshan Gautam has told that he can marry the actress Rekha Thapa. Sudarshan debuted as an actor in Rekha Films production Nepali movie ‘Himmatwali’.

Gautam, a resident of Canada, is currently in Nepal promoting his debut movie. He also climbed the Mt. Everest setting a world record of being the first person to climb the highest mountain with no hands.

Talking about Rekha he told, “We are best friends. As a producer, as a director and as an actress Rekha Thapa is a reputed person and I am her artist.” He told that he thinks it is normal to be talked about in the film industry. He added, “Even if there is love, that is not a big deal. We have openly told we love each other. So, its not a big deal.”

Talking about the Facebook conversation, Sudarshan told that they were “personal comments”. He added, he thinks that is normal in 21st century world.

Talking about Rekha Thapa’s earlier statement of the possibility of marrying Sudarshan Gautam, he told that being best friend is a path to marriage. So, he says he won’t be surprised if they got married. Sudarshan is currently married and has a small son, living in Canada.

rekha thapa and sudarshan gautam
(Photo and video credit DC Nepal)

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  1. what is this rekha your jawani sasto vyo,k hat navako sanga love garnu paryo k hami xaenau yas dharti ma.jaha payo tyhi kiss khanu parxa,

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