Director Himgyap Lama celebrates his ‘re-birth’ day by visiting earthquake affected areas

Every year on April 27 the ‘Bhimdutta’ director Himgyap Lama used to celebrate his birthday. This year, the situation was a lot different. While everybody were in shock and mourning the April 25 earthquake, the terror hasn’t ceased yet as aftershock tremor continues till the time of this writing.

Himgyap termed his birthday a ‘Re-birth Day’ as he had survived the earthquake that had claimed more than 4,000 people, so far. In his Facebook profile, Himgyap writes:

Today is my birthday, 27 April, Re-Birth Day of mine after unexpected earthquake in Nepal, I was blessed by you all and thank you all wishers and prayers of my life.

As he had nothing to do on his birthday, Himgyap decided to provide moral support to the victims like him. Himgyap and actress Rekha Thapa visited various places including the Arya Ghat in Pashupati to support the people who are mourning on the death of their friends and relatives. They also visited the camps in Balaju and Tundikhel.

Here are some photo highlights of the visits to the earthquake displaced people in tents and under the sky.

xNepali team wishes Himgyap a belated happy birthday and wish him success in the coming year.

Here are the photos:

At Pashupati Arya Ghat

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