Diya Maskey, an actress and a serious dancer

Actress Diya Maskey is considered one of the most serious actress in Nepali movie industry. An excellent dancer, Diya, thinks acting is a form of art and likes to take challenges.

In an interview published in a weekly magazine, actress Diya Maskey has told that she considers herself as an artist and feels odd when people address her as an actress. Maskey says, “I know, the word artist has a much wider meaning and actress usually means glamour, show-off and like that. Artists however, have all of them in them.”


When she started acting, she used to think that the actresses were nothing but a glamorous item. But, after entering the field she has realized that acting is much more than that.

Dancing and Acting

Diya is considered one of the the most serious actress in Nepali movie industry. She has done memorable acting in ‘Kagbeni’, ‘Sanghuro’ and ‘Soongava’. The movie ‘Soongava’ was selected in Nepal to participate in the Oscars.

Diya is also a very serious dancer. She is a trained Kathak and Bharat Natyam dancer. She had completed Masters in Kathak dance from Allahabad University. When she was little she had danced as a child artist in Tulsi Ghimire‘s ‘Dui Thopa Aansu’. The song ‘Jun Ta Lagyo Tara le … ‘ was one of the most popular songs of the movie.

The following dance video features Diya dancing in a program at Hotel Yak & Yeti, Kathmandu. The dance is choreographed by Renasha Rai, hair by Gita Poudyel and the makeup by Saroj in the event by Arihant Holidays.

Diya credits Amar Sishu School for creating interest in dancing in her early years. She credits director Anup Baral for introducing her in acting field. Diya’s upcoming movie ‘Fitkari’, directed by Anup Baral is one of the most awaited upcoming movies.

In a television serial, ‘Dalan’ Diya was featured as an elder woman. The actress in early 20s she was featured as a typical village woman – without any glamour.

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