Samyam Puri to be Punte in Punte Parade

The producer of ‘I am Sorry’, Hari Lamsal, has announced a new movie titled ‘Punte Parade’. The movie to be made on a social drama story will feature actor Samyam Puri in the leading role. Samyam is going to be featured as an 18-years-old guy who has his own vision of the society and the environment.

punte parade

Other actors in the movie include Nattu Shah, Rabindra Khadka, Anjila Dahal, Gita Adhikari, Sweta Thapa. Nattu has gained popularity by posting videos in YouTube. The movie being directed by Subash Koirala and written by Shan Basnet will also feature actress Priyanka Karki in a special appearance.

‘Punte Parade’ is produced jointly by Chatra Shrestha, Jayaram Pariyar and Rajkumar Patel. The start of the shooting of the movie is expected to start soon. The movie features the music of Tek Nanda Lama, cinematography of Babu Shrestha.

punte parade announcement

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