Documentary – Greater Nepal

Menuka Shrestha and Manoj Kumar RC present
Nepali Documentary – Greater Nepal
Producer – Manoj Pandit

Nepali documentary, ‘Greater Nepal’ is about the Sugali Treaty and how Nepal lost a huge chunk of the land to India. The Rana regime dis an agreement with the British rule in India at that time to give up the land on the East and West part of Nepal. Because of that treaty, a large number of Nepali speaking community live in those area including Sikkim, Darjeeling, and Himanchal Pradesh.

Credit – Highlights Nepal

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4 thoughts on “Documentary – Greater Nepal

  1. dont take otherwise. I also want to see a bigger nepal but whats the point of having bigger nepal when you cannot develop smaller nepal also. I don’t want bigger nepal so that politicians can sell them to others. I am satisfied with what i have. thanks

  2. Yo jasto bujna sajilo documentry banaunu vaeko ma dhanyabad cha..Hami nepali nepal ra nepali ko kati dherai maya garchau tara hamra nepali neta haru desh ko barema kei sochdai sochdai sochdainan mutu duchha yar india le gadeko sima ek ek stambha nepali bhumi ma gadeko hoina tyo ta nepali ko mutu ma gadeko chura ho……we all nepali should save nepal and nepali.

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