Fake MRPs

Supposed to be secured, the MRPs (Machine Readable Passport) are the new requirements for travel. But, crooks in Nepal have managed to create fake MRPs.

Nepal Government was shocked when the Nepali Embassy of Kuwait sent two suspicious passports for the government to investigate. Passports of Anju Neupane of Kaski (no. 07467100) and Mahima Dewan of Bara (No. 05467191) proved to be fakes.


Although they mention the issue date of 10 May and 9 Feb, the passport number of Anju was never issued and that of Mahima was issued to another person.

Such fake passports create unnecessary suspicions and hassle on genuine t

The MRP was controversial from the start, fueled by then foreign minister Sujata Koirala. When it was finally ready for issuance, many expressed a sigh of relief. But, with such fake passport, it seems, the sigh of relief proves to be short lived. (image credit -Kantipur)

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