Harshika Shrestha’s suitcase : the benefit of being an actress

An actress, Harshika Shrestha, lost her suitcase in a car while going to Chobhar for the shooting of a music video. One of the National dailies in Nepal, Nagarik published a detailed news about the loss.

The taxi driver Surya Bahadur Shrestha knew the owner of the suitcase after reading the newspaper. After receiving the suitcase that contained dresses and ornaments worth about Rs. 70,000, Harshika is very happy and grateful by the honesty of the taxi driver.

According to Nagarik, Surya Bahadur, a retired army officer is a part time taxi driver, noticed the suitcase late in the evening. When he saw the news, he contacted the newspaper office to find the address of Harshika and delivered it to her home.

If it weren’t an actress, no newspaper would have published such news about the loss of a suitcase. Even if they wanted to act different and published such news, it won’t be of much interest of a majority of the readers.


On December 21, Harshika forgot to take the suitcase out of the taxi she rode to the shooting spot. She realized her mistake only after the taxi left. The suitcase contained the dress required for the shooting, so crew had to bring another set of dress to finish the shooting. 

If you don’t know who Harshika is, she was the lead actress of "Angalo yo Mayako" playing opposite of Prashant Tamang. Currently she is shooting for her upcoming movie "Mission Paisa Reloaded".

Read the news about the return (in Nepali)

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