Priyanka Karki to become a prostitute in ‘Jholy’

Nowadays, one Nepali Film Actress, Priyanka Karki, is seen in dance bar of Thamel and in companion with dance bar girls.  What is she doing there instead of being in film spot and theatre? Does she like to enjoy in dance bar?

But, no, she is not enjoying there. She is learning to be like sex workers, to talk like they do, to behave like they do etc. She is studying their body language and watching the environment around there so that she can play her role as sex worker in her upcoming film ‘Jholey’.

She is visiting there on the guidance of film director of ‘Jholey’, Dipendra K. Khanal. Teken Khadka and Manoj Bhatta are the producers of the film that features Subash Thapa, A Gurung and Sisir Gurung in main roles.

According to the director, the movie is made on the story of a girl who was forced to become a sex worker during insurgency period. The director believes Priyanka will pick up the essence of being a sex worker by spending time in their company. We however need to wait for some time to see how Priyanka does in her role as the shooting is yet start, and is scheduled to start on Mangsir 12.

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