Film Related Websites in Nepal (2012 Update)

I wrote about film related websites in Nepal in August of 2010. The websites reviewed at that time are still in operation. Some have improved in their quality and others have remained the same.


The sites I reviewed were:

  • (few recent articles added to the site – but it still doesn’t appeal.)
  • (it has matured now and it is no longer a copy-paste site. Good job guys!)
  • (the site is updated regularly and is an important player in Nepali movie industry)
  • (The site hasn’t changed much – it still has potential but, it failed living to my expectations)

In the meantime I came across some more movie related websites. Some were personal websites of artists and other general movie related websites. There are many personal websites. :

  • – Although I didn’t talk about it last time, xnepali is an important player in this field. With over 1 million visitors (10 lakh) per month, this is the most visited Nepali movie related website. We have started an unique pre-release and post-release reviews of movies and other regular sections in coming days.
  • – This is different from it’s ".com" counterpart. Although, the site seems to be more focused on cataloguing Nepali movies, it needs a lot of works to be a decent competition to other websites. It has a nice list of personalities in Nepali movie industry and details of old movies. This sure is a good start.
  • – Although this website is mainly focused on Nepali TV serials, this is also one of the important parts of Nepali entertainment industry. Film makers prefer to discount role of TV serials, they are in fact more important in a viewer’s perspective than a movie. People watch movies occasionally, but they watch serials everyday. The day, producers realize this reality, they would certainly give more importance to TV serials and programs.

Apart from these websites, there are various blogs hosted in free hosts like and They have really good quality contents but, due to their irregular updates I haven’t found any real player to be taken seriously. (May be, I have missed some – if so, please write in comment, I will update this post accordingly.)

In addition to the sites dedicated to Nepali movies, various sites representing various artists have also been set up. Some notable artists include Raj Ballav, Keki Adhikari, Karishma Manandhar, Biraj Bhatt and so on. I will write a separate post on websites dedicated to an artist.

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