Increasing number of Film related Nepali websites

With increased number of films being made in recent time, film related websites are also in increasing trends. I have reviewed some film related websites.

The first film related magazine in Nepal was ‘Kamana‘ but they never made a good enough website to talk about. The group that publishes Kamana is not that interested in website and they are pretty happy with the printed publication. The screenshot on the right speaks volumes on its online presence.

As far as I know, the first dedicated film related website was The site is still there but it doesn’t get updated that frequently. The site is full of age-old stories that no one is interested in.

Then came The site run by Suman Gaire, who is also a model, is quite popular among the filmi circle in Nepal. Filmykhabar can be considered a copy-paste site in which most of the articles are copied from daily newspapers.

A recent film news site, is gaining popularity due to its unique approach in serving the movie news. The site serves news in both English and Nepali language. The approach is helpful to those who can’t read Nepali script (people living outside Nepal), and those who want to learn English. It can also be termed as copy-paste site, but my friend, Santa Man, has given his unique twists in each articles.

Another site with a lot of potential is The site promoted by a film maker, Suresh Darpan Pokharel, is regularly updated and features inside stories of movies.

Is that all? If you know of other sites please comment.

Disclaimer: I had helped it in the initial days and the mixed English-Nepali approach was my idea. I am planning to write an article on the benefits of mixed-approach websites for Nepali visitors.

I have reviewed only the sites directly related to movies, and nothing else. That is why sites like nepalisite, dcnepal etc. didn’t make it to the list. I am also aware of sites like cinesansar that only copy-paste articles. In the site there is not a single original article – worst of all, it doesn’t quote the source of article either.

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