Website analysis – xnepali compared with sajha and mysansar (Part 1)

Owners of asked me to do a comparative analysis of and its competitive position in Nepali website market. It was not an easy task to do the analysis as there are numerous variables to do the analysis of. I asked for the usage statistics of the site and found out that it wasn’t properly kept and it was even more work to extract useful data from the raw data. Even if I get all those data for xnepali I won’t be able to compare with other sites. So, I decided to a bit simpler analysis, that anybody can do.

I decided to compare three sites:,, and Sajha is one of the popular forum, that was in existence for quite some time and mysansar can be considered one of the most popular single handed Nepali website.

1. Domain Age

Age is also a factor to determine the site’s relevancy in search and in people’s perception. was the youngest (3 and half years old) with the oldest site (more than 8 years old). Mysansar was nearly twice the age of

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