Film shootings to halt from Jan 27 in protest

The protesting film artists has taken a new turn when an organization of movie theaters decided to withdraw it’s support for the protest.

mausami malla_protest

In the latest protest plan, the shooting of all the movies are planned to halt from Sunday, January 27. The protesters expect better participation of artists after the stopping all the productions. 

‘Samaya’ release postponed

The actress (and producer of ‘Samaya’) Mausami Malla has told that she has decided to postpone the release of the debut movie of her son Vicky Malla. Telling about the postponement, Mausami told that the protest is more important than the movie.

‘Samaya’ was planned to release on February 1, 2013. The movie featured tow new faces – Vicky Malla and Surabhi Bista as a new generation couple and the old generation couple are featured by and Mausami Malla. The movie is directed by Dayaram Dahal. The movie also features hot scenes shot between Vicky and Surabhi.