Mausami Malla outburst on Censor Board, Samaya got U rating at last

After postponing the release of the movie during the strike of film artists, Mausami Malla‘s movie ‘Samaya’ faced hurdles in the Censor Board at the time of it’s release. After negotiations on removing and editing objectionable movie scenes, the movie managed to get an ‘U’ certificate – suitable for the audience of all ages.

samaya poster

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Uncertainty in the release of Timro Lagi, Padmini and Samaya

Due to the hunger strike and protest of film artists, the release of new movies are uncertain. The movies scheduled to release on February 1 are Arun Khadka’s ‘Timro Lagi’, Mausami Malla‘s ‘Samaya’ and Basanta Kumar Shrestha’s ‘Padmini’.

Mausami had previously clarified that the movie release will be postponed if the protest didn’t end by the release date. ‘Samaya’ is the debut movie of Mausami’s son Vicky Malla and the actress Surabhi Bista.

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Vicky Malla and Surabhi Bista in hunger strike

Actress Mausami Malla‘s son Vicky Malla was seen in the hunger strike of film artists with his co-star in ‘Samaya’, Surabhi Bista. After debuting in Nepali movie industry in ‘Samaya’ two of them are usually seen together and they were sitting together in the hunger strike.

With tika on their forehead and flower garlands on their neck, they look like married couple. When a journalist asked them about being together in the strike, tried to imply that the togetherness was a mere coincidence.

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Vickey and Surabhi debut with a lot of hot scenes in 'Samaya'

The son of Mausami Malla, Vickey Malla is debuting in Nepali movie industry with his first movie ‘Samaya’. The movie will also introduce new actress, Surabhi Bista. In their debut movie, the couple have give a lot of hot scenes.

‘Samaya’ features two generation of character in which and Mausami Malla are featured
in the first generation followed by Vickey Malla and Surabhi Bista representing the second generation couple. In the movie Vickey and Surabhi are featured in a lot of lip-locks and bed scenes. The movie is produced by Bhadra Kumari Sen, written by Brajesh Khanal and directed by Dayaram Dahal.

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Mausami Malla’s son debuts in ‘Samaya’

Actress Mausami Malla has produced a new Nepali movie ‘Samaya’ to debut her son Bikki in leading role. The movie will also feature actress Surabhi Bista in her debut role. This movie is the 41st movie directed by it’s director, Dayaram Dahal.

A program was organized in Kathmandu to release the promotional video and the poster of the movie. In the program, the film was told to be made on a story of clash between two generation. The old-generation couple are represented by and Mausami Malla and the new-generation are represented by Shurabhi and Bikki.

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