Filmy style marriage, divorce, and reunion of Ranjana and Shyam

Actress Ranjana Sharma who started her love life in film style, ended it after 7 years of ups and downs about 8 months back. Now, another filmy twist has re-united them.

Ranjana Sharma and director Shyam Bhattarai met while working for a TV serial ‘Gahana’. Shyam Bhattarai introduced Ranjana in big screen movies with Maryada. After a lengthy love affair (about 4 years long), when they decided to marry and live together, Shyam’s family protested on the marriage. Shyam became love sick, lived without food for 7 days, until they married in a temple with the help of his close friends on June 15, 2006. Various misunderstandings and tussle caused them to live separately for the last 8 months. The separation of the two movie artists was widely covered in the media.

Now, they have patched the relationship and have started living together again. Ranjana, in an interview with Nagariknews, told that they were not divorced in the first place. She also said that they have started living together again since Wednesday, November 18, 2009.

Shyam started their reunion with a call on Laxmi Puja, this year. The family members who helped them live separately have also helped them to live together again.

Let’s wish them a very happy married life. I hope, the separation has taught them to deal with the ups and downs of basic facts of life.

It sure sound like a script of a movie in making ? After all they are movie director and an actress!

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