Fours new films in theater, Escape, Rath, Logne Manche and Sunpani

It is no secret that the Nepali film market is limited and there are not many viewers of Nepali films. Because of the competition created by the high budget Bollywood and Hollywood films, Nepali films don’t have that big viewer base for a lot of Nepali films. In this context, release of multiple Nepali films every week is scary for the genuine film producers.

This week, 4 new films are releasing in theater. Whatever may be the case, such a release doesn’t make any business sense. Dividing the viewers in a lot of films don’t help the film industry.

friday release feb 6


The movie made on the story of a person who has overcome the indulgence of drugs and aim to change the social equation. The movie featuring Pradeep Khadka and Reema Bishowkarma is directed by Ananta Ghimire.

Logne Manche

The movie by director Laya Sangrula, ‘Logne Manche’ features actors Dilip Rayamajhi and Nandita KC. The female oriented film is about the story of the relationship in a married life.


A movie on the story of caste system and social problem caused by it, ‘Sunpani’ is made typical problem in Nepali society. The film is directed by Sabin Bastola.


The film directed by Kailash Adhikari featured actor Bishal Pokharel in leading role.

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