Friday Release – Bijuli Machine and Ta Ma ra U

Two new movies have released in theaters in Nepal on Friday, December 2, 2016. Laxhu Gautam’s movie ‘Ta Ma ra U’ and Nabin Awal’s ‘Bijuli Machine’.


Bijuli Machine

The movie ‘Bijuli Machine’ is made on the concept that Nepali people are facing the problem of electricity despite of the fact that the country is rich in water resources for hydro electricity production. The movie made on a science fiction theme is about the investigation and research on the production of electricity.

The movie made on the script and the direction of Nabin Awal features Nepali superstar Rajesh Hamal in a special role. Apart from Hamal, everybody in the movie are new artists. The cinematographer of the movie is Hari Humagain. The actors in the movie include Abhishekh Subedi, Jiwan Adhikari, Buddhi Tamang. The music of the movie is composed by Rohit Shakya.

Trailer of ‘Bijuli Machine’

Ta Ma ra U

Another new release on this Friday is a movie made on three best friends. Two guys and a girl are friends since their childhood. The friendship turns into physical attraction as they grow up. The conflict in the triangular love story is the main content of the movie.

The actors Amesh Bhandari and Neeta Dhungana had reportedly started dating during the shooting of the movie. The failure of the couples’ movie ‘Fulai Fulko Mausam Timilai’ broke their relationship. Now, the break up has been costly for the the movie as neither of them have participated in the promotion of the movie.

After delays more than once, the movie completed before ‘Fulai Fulko Mausam Timilai’ has finally released. The movie features editing of Pritam Pandey, cinematography of Sambhu Sapkota. The musicians are Shiva Pariyar and Amesh Bhandari. With Neeta Dhungana and Amesh Bhandari, Suden Prasai is another leading actor in the movie.

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