Friday Release – Bir Bikram and Chapali Height (its Thursday Release instead)

Two new Nepali movies have released on Thursday, August 18, 2016 a day before the usual release dates on Friday. The movies are released on the holiday, Rakshya Bandhan. Two awaited movies ‘Chapali Height 2’ and ‘Bir Bikram’ are released to take advantage of the holiday. The film producers association had loosened the previous requirements to release new movies only in Fridays and allowed to release on days others than Friday on festival times. Based on the release of films in other days, other film makers have also announced release date that don’t fall on non-Fridays.
friday release bir bikram and chapali hieght 2

Chapali Height 2

The movie ‘Chapali Height 2’ is a sequel of a hit movie ‘Chapali Height’ released three years ago. The sequel however doesn’t feature any actors of the original movie. The new movie is made Aasma Films banner and is produced by Arjun Kumar. The producer and the director, Dipendra K Khanal were same in both the sequels.

‘Chapali Height 2’ features Aayushma Desraj, Paramita RL Rana and Mariska Pokharel. (Read biography of Paramita RL Rana and Biography of Mariska Pokharel in Nepaliactress.)

A video report on the start of the shooting of the movie (march 2016 video):

Trailer of ‘Chapali Height 2’

Bir Bikram

The movie by director Milan Chams, ‘Bir Bikram’ features Dayahang Rai, Anoop Bikram Shahi, Arpan Thapa and Diya Pun in leading roles. The movie made under Chams Entertainment banner features the music of Tara Prakash Limbu and is produced by the director Milan Chams. The writer is Yam Thapa, choreographer is Renasha Rai, background scores by Shahas Shakya, action by Samrat Basnet.

Trailer of ‘Bir Bikram’

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