Friday Release – Janmabhumi, Indrawati and Lucky 7 (with trailers)

Three new movies have released in theater on Friday – April 1, 2016. None of these movies – ‘Janmabhumi’ of Mohan Niraula, last movie of Shree Krishna Shrestha ‘Indrawati’ and ‘Lucky 7’ were promoted much in media.


A social drama movie with patriotic theme is made on the same named movie ‘Janmabhumi’ by the same director 20 years ago. The movie scheduled to release last year was delayed because of earthquake of 2015. The movie features Nishma Ghimire, Binod Shrestha, Anu Shah, Mohan Niraula etc. in main roles.

More details of the two movies is available in this post. (Watch the original ‘Janmabhumi’ here) The original ‘Janmabhumi’ was one of the hit movies of producer Chhabi Raj Ojha, featuring his late-wife Geetanjali.

‘Janmabhumi’ trailer:


The movie made on the theme of a successful television serial, ‘Indrawati’ is credited as being the last movie of actor Shree Krishna Shrestha. The movie features Bipana Thapa, Uttam KC, Rajani Rana, Uprendra Timilsina, Deshbhakta Thapa with late actor Shree Krishna Shrestha.

The movie was made years ago was made under Upadeep Films banner and directed by Badri Adhikari. The story is also written by the director Adhikari.

Trailer of ‘Indrawati’:

Lucky 7

The movie ‘Lucky 7’ was made years ago but, wasn’t officially released yet. That might be the reason, it is not promoted much. The action movie features Jayakishan Basnet and Sunil Thapa in main roles.

Trailer of Lucky 7:

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