Friday Release, Killa and Josh

This Friday on March 14, 2015 two new Nepali movies are releasing on theater – Subash Meche‘s action movie ‘Killa’ and Rishi Neupane‘s movie ‘Josh’. Both the movies are action themed movie and are targeted towards the similar movie audiences. Both the movies feature dancer Priya Rijal in their respective item dances.

friday release josh and killa


The movie made on the story of a person who controls a certain area is the movie ‘Killa’. The movie features Subash Meche, Surabhi Jain, Wilson Bikram Rai, Pukar Bhattarai, Sange Gurung, Umesh Khadka and others. The movie directed by Himal KC features the Saurav Lama in camera, music by Bikash Chaudhari and script by Pradeep Bhardwoj.

‘Killa’ is made under the banner of Meche Films. The movie was mostly shot in Jhapa. The Censor Board had initially rejected the movie telling that it was too much political.


The movie ‘Josh’ is also an action movie featuring Sushil Chhetri with Jenisha KC. Other actors in the movie include Biren DC and Umesh Khadka. The movie with subtitle – the real power, is a triangular love story of today’s youth. The movie is made on a social story with music of Bisha Dhakal, Babbu Thapa’s choreography, action of Prdeep Khadka and cinematography of Rabi Koirala. The movie was mostly shot in Chitwan and Nawalparasi.

The full profiles of ‘Killa’ and ‘Josh’ are also available in

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