Friday Release – Pathashala and Lawarish

This Friday, June 27, 2014, two new Nepali movies ‘Pathashala’ and ‘Lawarish’ are releasing in theater. The rainy season and Ashad work season is not considered the best time for the release of new movies. So, low budget movies are usually release at this time of the year.


The movie directed by Rajbahadur Sane and produced by Arun Khadka and Keshav Ghimire is released in theaters in Kathmandu. The movie was previously released in theaters out of Kathmandu. ‘Pathshala’ features the music of Bikash Chaudhary, cinematography of Machhya narayan Shrestha, choreography of Bibek Thapa and action of Briendra Sony. The movie features Birendra Yadav, Raj Bautam, Sangita BC, Menaka Giri, Raj Gautam etc. in main roles.

The movie ‘Pathshala’ is different from the MaHa comedy ‘Pathshala’.


‘Lawarish’ a movie directed by Niraj Ghimire is released in theaters all over Nepal. The movie unheard of before features Aayush Rijal, Mahesh Khadka, Dinesh Sharma, Kiran Chitrakar, Yuna Upreti etc. in main roles. The movie is produced by Amar Kaushal.

The movie written Maunata Sapkota features the music by Basanta Kapkota, action by Himal KC and Manojraj Bhandari, cinematography of Rabi Koirala, and choreography of Shiva Sharma. 

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