Friday Trending – Rudra, Jhumki, Neetesh Jung Kunwar, Pitch Road

The YouTube videos trending this week are those that were trending last time I wrote about them.

New Nepali movie ‘Rudra’ featuring Nikhil Upreti and Sara Sripali is trending this week. The movie also features Bishow – the producer of the film

The List of videos in the list are:

  1. MCA (Middle Class Abbaiyi) – Hindi dubbed film (Indian)
  2. Neetesh Jung Junwar’s song Nisthuri Mori is in the second place (Music Video)
  3. When Asish Chanchalani Met Akshay Kumar, Gold – Indian
  4. Jhumkee – Nepali movie (Nepali film)
  5. Pitch Road – SamirAcharya, Bidhya Tiwari, Sushant Khatri, Aanchal Sharma and MR. RJ (Music Video)
  6. Maya Ko Dorile – Deepak Bajracharya music video featureing Rahul Shah and Alisha (Music Video)
  7. Ram Ki Jung – Hindi Dubbed film (Indian)
  8. Meri Bassai – Epicose – 560 – July 24 (Serial)
  9. Hukum – Sushree Sampati song (Music Video)
  10. Blood Moon – what is Blood moon? (Indian)

Let me list all the Nepali videos:

Neetesh Jung’s song :

Music video – Pitch Road:

Maya Ko dorile

Meri Bassai:

Sushree Sampati

The song from the movie features Melina Rai and Bishal’s voice and features Salon Basnet, Sara Sripali and Binod Neupane.

Song of the film Intu Mintu Londom Ma – Udayo Hawale by Dhiraj Magar is in 11th position.

Ashok Darji Deepak VS Tanka

Another Ashok Darjee video:

The message from the students in Bangaladesh :

Bhadragol comedy serial:

Aama – Teej Song featuring Jire Khursani Comedy serial artists – Santosh KC, Radhika Hamal, Shiva Hari Poudel

A song from Nai Nabhannu La 5 film

Pani Kuwako is still in the trending list:

Tamang – Sher Bahadur Tamang report – resignation of the minister of law :

A Ram Bazar incident in Pokhara

The 27th episode of Boogie Woogie – Top 3 finale

Himalayan Rodies – Season 2 – episode 1 promo. Although the video was released 4 days ago and has only 47 k views (I think the channel is doing something just to be listed in the trending list)

A teej song -Bridhaashram 2

Sher Bahadru Tamang resignation

Nepalese Modern Girl – Ashok Darji short comedy

Kya Jamana Aa 25th episode:

Dr. Messi ko Aamaran Anshan – Aajkal Ko love episode 43


Harke Haldar – episode 373 (July 25)

Rabi Lamichhane report – Interpol red corner notice to Govind

CMW – Janta Television


In My Feelings Dance Challenge by Aashma Bishwokarma and Saru Sunuwar

Abiral Pokharel video:

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