Garima Pant marries in a Western style ceremony, marriage cost, 7 lakh, donated to schools

At last, actress Garima Pant has announced her marriage with Hari Sharma Thapaliya in Belgium. There were not pandits, no janti and no reception parties in the marriage. Garima and Hari got married in the court by signing the marriage papers.

Garima has used the money saved by not having a lavish marriage, for a noble cause -by donating to a couple of schools in her birthplace. According the the information she shared in her Facebook profile, Garima is going to donate Rs. 700,000 to tow of the schools in her birthplace to set up scholarship funds for poor and talented children.

Video Report:

Garima had gone to Belgium has started living with Hari Sharma Thapaliya since 2015. They had started a Sushi restaurant together in January and had previously told that they had married secretly.

I wrote about their affair last year. Garima had met Hari during her Belgium tour in 2013 and the affair had started at that time. Hari was married at that time. Befor marrying Garima, he had divorced his previous wife.

Western Style marriage

Garima and Hari have chosen to get married in the Western style. The Western style is something foreign tradition to Nepali culture. In Nepali culture, people don’t wear white clothes in marriage ceremonies. White clothes are usually worn by widowed women. But, in the Western culture brides wear white clothes in their marriages.

In her marriage Garima is clad in an elegant white gown and Hari Thapaliya is wearing black suit with a bow tie. In one of the photos, Gairma is signing what looks like a legal paper of marriage and they have exchanged rings.

The legal marriage ceremonies have their rules and procedures. The lawyers who conducts such marriages instructs the bride and groom on the things like what to do and what to wear for the ceremony. Garima might have chosen to go Western style as they had already married in Nepali style earlier (this is just my guess.)

Photos of the marriage:

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