Garima Pant marries in a Western style ceremony, marriage cost, 7 lakh, donated to schools

At last, actress Garima Pant has announced her marriage with Hari Sharma Thapaliya in Belgium. There were not pandits, no janti and no reception parties in the marriage. Garima and Hari got married in the court by signing the marriage papers.

Garima has used the money saved by not having a lavish marriage, for a noble cause -by donating to a couple of schools in her birthplace. According the the information she shared in her Facebook profile, Garima is going to donate Rs. 700,000 to tow of the schools in her birthplace to set up scholarship funds for poor and talented children.

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Garima Pant in love with a NRN?

The 2-years long affair of actress Garima Pant has recently been unveiled. According to rumors, Garima is seeing a Belgium resident, Hari Sharma Thapaliya for the last two years and they are very serious on the relationship. There is a possibility that the two are planning to get married soon.

garima pant and hari sharma thapaliya

Garima and Hari Sharma met when Garima went to Belgium for various cultural shows in Europe during the August of 2013. Actresses Nandita KC and singer Rima Gurung Hoda were also with Garima in that tour.

Hari is running a restaurant business in Belgium. He was married to a Chinese woman until he met Garima. After meeting Garima, Hari reportedly has divorced the Chinese woman. As the relationship become close, Hari has frequently visited Nepal to meet Garima.

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