Get Nepali Calendar for free in iPhone and iPod Touch

Today is Kartik 27, 2067. For those who live on November 14, 2010, a date with year 2067 seems like a date in future.

We have our own unique dating system, Bikram Era (BS) but, almost all the rest of the world has a common and widely popular dating system, AD. As, the ‘global village’ only understand AD we need to convert our own BS to AD in every aspects of our lives. I used to go to some date converter websites to do the conversion for me but now the process has become much simpler with the availability of smart phones. I have found an App in  Apple iTunes very useful in this aspect. If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 4.0 or higher, you can download the application for free.


Developers note:

Do you live abroad and sometime wonder today’s date or when is the “Holi”, what’s the festival  around the corner ? Do you think twice about time in Nepal before calling home? Now you don’t have to, “There’s an app for that”. You can download “Nepali Calendar” for iPhone and iPod from iTunes app store. Further details can be obtained from the developer’s website.

Main features of the App are:

  • current date/time and list of upcoming holidays/festivals in the main tab
  • month by month calendar with both Nepali and English date
  • date conversion utility that convert from BS to AD and vice-versa
  • foreign exchange rate with graph of exchange rate history for last 30 days.

In addition to the Calendar functionality, the foreign exchange graph can be used to see the trend of exchange rate. Exchange rate trend is really helpful if you send (or receive) to Nepal as you know when is the best time to send/receive money.

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