Movies released in 2066 BS

The Nepali movie industry saw a bit of a relief as compared to the previous years in 2066 BS. The number of movies being produced was increased and those released in the year have done satisfactory business. Most of the movies did average business. Some of the high expected movies like ‘Kusume Rumal 2′ couldn’t do good business and some unexpected movies like ‘Eku’ took the stage and did better than average business in the year 2066.

Although there was quantitive increase in moves, qualitive increase couldn’t be seen with a few exception. Most of the movies had stories copied from some foreign movies. The extreme of which could be seen in the copy-cat posters.

Movies screened in 2066

According to the statistics of Nepal Cinema Development authority, the Censor Board has censored 42 Nepali movies including 29 celluloid and 13 digital ones. But, among those 42 movies only 27 have made it to the theater. Other 15 are in queue to get their chance to get slot in the cinema hall and will probably be screened in 2067.

The 27 movies released in 2066 are:

  1. Rajya
  2. Eku – The Jungle Man
  3. Izzatdar
  4. Tod
  5. Jungbaaz
  6. Dhum
  7. Farz
  8. Batuli
  9. The Yug Dekhi Yug Samma
  10. Diwanapan
  11. Caren gang 2
  12. Salam chha Mayalai
  13. Nepali Beer
  14. Chodi Gaya Pap Lagla
  15. Mero Euta Saathi Chha
  16. Rachyak
  17. Arjundev
  18. Naina Resham
  19. Maya ta Maya ho
  20. Mahan
  21. Takkar Dui Mutu Ko
  22. Kaslai diu yo Jowan
  23. Basma Chaina Yo Man
  24. Aafno Manche Aafnai Hunchha
  25. Daag – Nametiyako Ghau
  26. Pahilo Pahilo Maya
  27. Hifajat

Apart from the 27 movies that were censored and screened in 2066, there were 11 movies that went through the Censor Board in 2065 and were released in 2066 are:

  1. Kaha Bhetiyala
  2. Kaha Chau Kaha
  3. Gorkha Rakshyak
  4. Dosti
  5. Jindagi
  6. Kusume Rumal
  7. Bish
  8. Samjhana
  9. Nishana
  10. Daanbir
  11. Sapana ko Naulo Sansar

In total 38 new movies were released in the year.

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