‘Girls’ in controversy before inauguration

Even before its inauguration, Girls, a movie to be directed and produced by Prince is dragged into controversy. Invitation card of the inauguration ceremony of the Trends Nepal’s first venture featured the lead actress Jenisha with bare back.

But, Jenisha claimed that the body of the girl featured on the invitation card and poster is not hers. She claimed that her head was attached to somebody else’s body, digitally.

The producer and director, Prince, however said that they didn’t do any Photoshop tricks on the actress’s body. He also told that if Jenisha doesn’t admit the truth, she might even be out of the project.

girls_invitationThe inauguration ceremony was one of the biggest and lavish such parties. Manisha Koirala was the chief guest in the ceremony and was also present during the press conference. Manisha also showed her detest on Jenisha’s comment during the press meet. It is to be noted that Manisha did a similar accusation about a scene in a hindi movie “Chhoti Si Love Story”.

Manisha_Jenisha_girls_ Jenisha however was quoted saying – “I don’t care if I have to leave the movie. But the body is not mine in poster”. She also told that she doesn’t remember giving such a photo shot for the movie. Even if it is her body in the poster, the producers should have asked before they do such a publicity.

The producers should have approved the photo before they feature the actress in posters and cards. If they can’t agree on a mere poster how could they justify the scenes in the movie. God save the actresses in the movie.

UPDATE on Feb 20, 2010 @ 23:12

‘Girls’ controversy in new heights

jenisha_sale The not-so-decent poster photo of Jenisha caused controversy during the inauguration of the movie, “Girls”.

When the proposed lead actress, Jenisha KC, accused the producers of attaching her head to somebody else’s torso another model came to rescue by claiming the torso was hers. The model, Baby Thapa, also accused producer/director Sunilkumar Yadav (Prince) for doctoring the poster without her knowledge.

Baby Thapa told Saptahik weekly that she was promised the role of lead actress in the movie and the photo was taken in the studio of cybersansar.com.  He however later declined the role due to pricing dispute.

While Baby has filed a case against Prince in the police office, Jenisha has changed her version of the story. Jenisha started telling that the body was also hers.

On the day, Prince showed the original photo of Jenisha in a press meet at the Reporters Club and announce the removal of Jenisha from the movie. Baby Thapa has also withdrawn her claim from the police.

It is still not clear what the real story is. But, it is clear that the producer wants more publicity and want to cash on skin-show. I think, there is no point in expect much out of the movie!


UPDATE – As of September 2015 – no movies by the name ‘Girls’ has been released and there is no news about Prince making any movie. It seems, the event was organized only for publicity.

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