Bollywood Dreams of Surabina Karki and Jenisha KC

The actress of films like Naikee, Jhelee, Lukamari, Sushree – Surabina Karki, has been struggling to get roles in Bollywood films.

Watch ‘Naikee’ here

Watch ‘Jhelee’ here

Watch ‘Lukamari’ here

Watch ‘Sushree’ here

Another actress, Jenisha KC is also trying her luck in Mumbai. The actress was previously supported by actor Biraj Bhatta. But, as Bhatta left the film industry to work in Bhojpuri films, Jenisha’s presence in the film industry was reduced. These days, Jenisha is trying to get a role in Bollywood films.

In the past, actress Manisha Koirala had made it big in the Bollywood film industry after failing to impress Nepali audience from her first film. Manisha’s first film ‘Feri Bhetaula’ was a flop. But, she became the number one actress in Bollywood.

Watch Jenisha’s films – Watch ‘The Soldier’ here

Watch ‘Masti’ here

Watch ‘Naina Resham’

Will Surabina and Jenisha follow the path of Manisha ?

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